Du soleil refroidi

by Death Mercedes

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Recorded by Max Smadja
Mix & Mastering by Guillaume Doussaud


released October 10, 2011

contact: deathmercedes@hotmail.fr



all rights reserved


Death Mercedes Paris, France

"Sans éclat" out in December on vinyl on Throatruiner rds.
Pre-orders here:
Recorded at Sainte Marthe studio, mastered by Jay Maas
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Track Name: Fire live with me
And living without a trace,
waste away and disappear
walking the streets without moving forward

Sank to exist
Sank to exist
Drop down to exist
The chapters of the revolution were shattered

We must live in the fire
Track Name: On the offensive
And when the rain stopped,
The sky burst of tears,
from all sides at the marches of the kingdom,
The fury of the damned to sweep the masterful hydra
We went on the offensive.
From the Urals to the Caucasus, the valiant advance,
Stunning mountains, past plains,
Sweeping morality, now empty.
Leaving only blood, pain and death.
Souls and blood of the just will not find rest.
Track Name: Debonair
What a pleasure to see the red flag floating
to wave the banner of revolution.
It floats on a smile, eyes focused,
dumbfounding the jeering.
For the ambitious, opportunistic and careerist,
those who would kill for a place in the sun
who dream of living in a deity,
they go astray and degrading themselves,
they dirty the mortal wound of mankind.
Our ideal is invisible, bloody and noisy.
glowing and debonair, he guides rage and anger.
Track Name: Kamikaze
Marche, marche au pas cadencé vers ton destin d’esclave
Appétit militaire, Chemin solitaire
Ivres des promesses de gloire…
Néant d’y croire
Le cœur six pieds sous terre
Aboie, obéit.
Une bombe dans la poitrine
Eclat noir du héros, du martyr, du témoin
Du soleil, du soleil, du soleil refroidi
Track Name: Encore et encore
Un jour je tomberai
et deux types en salopettes déchirées
avec leurs bennes à ordures
s'arrêteront pour me ramasser.
Ils m'emporteront au congélo
me farderont le visage
me redresseront les dents
et les blanchiront
avant de mettre le feu
à mes os inutiles.
On jettera mes cendres
quelque part dans un parc
et de petites filles
en souliers richelieu
bondiront à cœur joie
sur mes débris.
Tout cela me réjouira
encore et encore
encore et encore
encore et encore
encore et encore
encore et encore
encore et encore
encore et encore
Track Name: Bread no banger
Light the fuse and stare at the sky
Let’s start a war for this empty year
All those colors make me feel blindfolded
Bread No Banger

Got a new agenda and it’s dreary empty
I’ll fulfill this one with even more party and gigs

Time will pass and guess I won’t remember half of it
Bread No Banger

Scared of the days that my new agenda will got emptier
Without gigs, lame party but with a note of buying a pram
with a note of buying a pram

Bread No Banger
Track Name: The untamables
Delivered to the wolves, the untamable
The cradle of illusions ignited